Keeping alert: The 4 crimes from debt collectors

With the economy decreasing, it is becoming more challenging for people to keep up with the expenses. Hence, debts are piling up. This is where some unhealthy agents take advantage and you will find debt collectors taking unconventional routes to get money from you.

It’s a fact that debt collector do get the authority to get their money from you at the agreed time. However, there is a limit or collection rights that they should stay well within. You might face debt collectors taking the wrong route in order to get their money from you. Sometimes they can be so aggressive that they charge you money you don’t owe. Making it one out of the many crimes that debt collector are not allowed to do.

Elderly people are the most vulnerable targets to such people and therefore there is a need of establishing some boundaries which no debt collector can cross in any case. In this article, we will highlight some of the most important aspects and situations where a debt collector might be found infringing the limits and hence there can be legal actions taken against them.

Law enforcement agency worker

Debt collectors take the bad route to get their money from the debtors. For that, they may present themselves as a government worker or an agent from the law enforcement agencies. However, no debt collectors are allowed to do so according to the law and therefore, you should not be terrorized if a debt collector threatens you in such a way.

Arrest warrants

As long as you don’t receive a legal notice from your credit company, you cannot be arrested for not having paid your dues on time. Not debt collector is given the authority to claim that you will be arrested for not paying the dues in time. According to law, the collection agencies do not have the right to issue arrest warrants just on the basis of the fact that you have not paid the dues in time.

Going out to public

It is probably one of the most embarrassing things one can think of. If your debt collector publicly speaks about you not paying your debts in time, it can never be a great feeling for you. This is why the government never allows collection agencies to expose your inability to pay the debts in time. Publicizing your debt also means that they cannot talk to your spouse or your lawyer about your debts.

Debt collection agencies only have the authority to track you by seeking your address and contact number. However, they cannot still expose in public why they are tracking you.


This is probably the most important part of our discussion. Collectors are not allowed to harass in you in a lot of ways, which includes:

  • Harassment through violence
  • Bad and abusive language
  • Frequent phone calls
  • Calls before 8 in the morning and after 9 in the evening.

If you have reserved the rights, it will give you a lot of power when you are dealing with your debt collector so there is no need to get scared of any threats that you may receive from them.