Top Interesting Things To Know About Debt Collection

Are you stressed because of all those calls from debt collection agency reminding every day to clear your dues? As an employee, you can understand that the people calling you are performing their duties, and the only thing you could do is listen patiently. What else can you do? How can you avoid unnecessary disturbance?

Here is a set of 10 interesting things a debt collector in Singapore will usually follow, and you can use them to protect your rights against the company.

1. Avoid Early Morning or Late Night Calls
A universal rule of customer service is, customers should not be disturbed unnecessarily before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm according to their respective time zones. The only exception for a debt collecting professional is, he may call otherwise if a customer asked him to do so.

2. Not to Call During Office Hours
If you are not allowed to take calls during office hours, you can tell the debt collection service not to bother you during your working hours. Be courteous and ask the debt collector not to interrupt you during your working hours.

3. No Repeated or Continuous Calls
Some stubborn debt collectors often make multiple calls to a customer in one day. You can tell them, they have no right to harass you.

4. Verbal Abuse is Not Allowed
Even if he's calling you for the hundredth time for debt recovery, the agent cannot threaten you or use profane language. Failure to repay loan or utility bills is not a serious crime.

5. Keep the Matter Undisclosed
The concerned agency may contact your friends, family members or relatives for the purpose of taking your latest address or valid contact information. They may disclose the purpose only when they were not able to contact you, or receive your response after numerous attempts.

6. Collect the Amount Owed
After you have worked out a plan to repay your debt, make sure you'll pay the amount owed, not more than that. A debt collector may not ask for extra payment.

7. No Threats
Neither can you be arrested for non-payment of dues, nor can anyone threaten you. However, a debt collection service agency can file a lawsuit for the payment of dues and communicate this information in a suitable manner.

8. Written Notice is Essential
It is the responsibility of debt collector to send you a written notice within days of contacting you. The written notice includes the name of the creditor and the amount you owe to him. It should also explain what you should do if you have no liabilities.

9. A Request for No Further Contact Must Be Honored
You can write a letter requesting the debt collection service to cease contact and it must be honored by the intended. You can either mention that you have cleared your dues, or you can just ask them to stop calling you. However, the concerned agency may still file a lawsuit for the unrecovered amount.

10. The Debt Collector Must Verify All Disputed Debts
The concerned agency is responsible for verifying any written disputes sent by you, before renewing collection calls. Activities for debt recovery may resume after the verification has been sent to the customer.